Kingdom Expansion 101 - Self-Study Online Course

KE101 is offered as both a self-study and a facilitated collaborative format. It is best to take it with others, in order to benefit from different perspectives, expertise and questions.  However sometimes that is not feasible for a student. Thus it is also provided as an independent self-study course. In this independent study version, you will not receive feedback.

Kingdom Expansion 101 is an innovative, six session, online introduction to local and global outreach. The course assignments can be completed anytime, day or night. This course is a high-quality, online basic missions course that can be taken anywhere in the world. The curriculum provides a biblical and strategic framework to assist both churches and individuals in making informed decisions about their local and global outreach involvement. The material is not only designed to help global outreach teams, but also assists any adult believer as the individual considers his/her response to God’s plan for all the nations.

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In order to take the class it is essential that you have access to high-speed internet service as you will be watching several short video clips. Dial-up service won’t work for this course. You will spend about four hours a week on course assignments. Pastors, missions team members, global outreach pastors and church mobilizers are excited about this course. They commented:

  • KE101 has provided a wealth of information and the ability to network with others. I learned something that make sense. The puzzle pieces now fit together and I want to move forward!
    Diane, missions team member
  • I really enjoyed the variety of media used! I am new to global outreach at my church, so everything I learned was new and fascinating. KE101 has given me some amazing building blocks to use in my ministry.
    Janet, short-term missions coordinator
  • We will offer this course to anyone in our church who wants to know about real missions.
    Dan, missions pastor
  • This class has been eye opening for me. I feel like a sponge when I read the articles and visit the various websites. Missions is a new area for me. By taking this class, I have increased my learning curve tremendously.
    Cheryl, missions director
  • This course too has awakened a new passion for missions for me as we learned about some new things as well as some reminders I had forgotten. I too would love to be able to pass that on to others and watch God work in new ways in our church.
    Martha, missions team member

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