About Us

DualReach's overarching purpose is to serve local churches and the church mobilization arm of mission agencies in order to see God glorified through greater proclamation of the gospel and discipling of the nations. Our primary ministries are providing quality training, consultation and missions education resources.


Bruce came along our mission staff and lay leaders at a vulnerable time and helped move our church’s mission passion strategically forward. His heart for God, his love for people, his mission experience, his sensitivity to critical issues and his skill in communicating blended together to serve our church in a powerful and meaningful way. Our church is indebted to Bruce for the time he invested with us.
     Dan Crane, Missions Pastor

What We Do
DualReach helps local churches mobilize to meet their outreach mandates by training and consulting with churches and mission agencies. 


Unique Perspective
DualReach's strengths lie in our unique blend of perspective and skills. We come with a broad understanding of the needs of churches and agencies.


Bruce Camp is the Founder & CEO of DualReach.


Statement of Faith
Our statement of faith.


Board of Reference
DualReach's board of reference.


DualReach is a proud member of Missio Nexus.


Services for Churches
Our staff have extensive experience in training and consulting with a wide variety of churches, providing breadth of insight to help you customize missions mobilization to your unique situation.


Services for Mission Agencies
DualReach personnel have spent many years on the staff of mission agencies facilitating church missions mobilization. We have experience in helping agencies and churches work together effectively. We understand agencies' needs, and are positioned to offer practical, specialized help in developing strategy, training staff and serving churches.