Unique Perspective


DualReach's strengths lie in our unique blend of perspective and skills. We come with a broad understanding of the needs of churches and agencies. Our gifting and experience allow us to meet the desires of ministries with need-specific training, consultation and resources.



  1. We are missions pastors ourselves. In addition to our DualReach roles, we have directed the global outreach ministries at our home churches. Being part of the pastoral staff of a contemporary congregation keeps us current on the changing dynamics of mobilizing a church for effective world outreach.

  2. We understand mission agencies. Bruce spent over 13 years working in a mission organization. We bring to the table experience in agency-to-church ministries, field staff oversight, administration and communications within large and smaller missions, both denominational and nondenominational.

  3. We are well networked with other missions pastors. We have helped to coordinate meetings of missions pastors in southern California. DualReach provides mentoring for new missions pastors.

  4. We produce resources. We have developed seminars that agency representatives use across North America. 

  5. We like to stimulate strategic thinking. We enjoy helping leaders analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their missions mobilization programs, bringing them to a better understanding of the dynamics confronting churches today in missions and identifying practical solutions.

  6. We are a source of fresh ideas. We have been published in such periodicals as Missiology, International Journal of Frontier Missions, Evangelical Missions Quarterly, World Christian and Mission Frontiers. Bruce's article, "Paradigm Shifts in World Evangelization," continues to influence churches and agencies. As speakers and seminar leaders, we share new perspectives in churches and at conferences and retreats.

  7. We believe in customized approaches. We are convinced that God has a unique plan for each local church and mission agency based upon its context, history and DNA. We help organizations discover and fulfill the purpose God has for them.