Services for Churches

DualReach helps church leaders look at the “Big Picture” of missions and then discover where their specific church can make the maximum impact.
     Paul Borthwick, Missions Spokesman and Author

Is your church...

  • Sitting on untapped outreach potential?
  • In need of a clearer missions strategy?
  • Looking for new ways to mobilize its constituency?
  • Lacking a practical, easy training system for your outreach team?
  • Desperate for fresh approaches to missions events?
  • Seeking to do a better job mentoring future missionaries?

DualReach can help! We:

Assess. We can help you objectively identify strengths and weaknesses of your global/local outreach ministry.

Consult. We will help you solve problems, develop a strategic plan and build a leadership team. 

Mentor. We will come alongside to help you, whether you are a new missions pastor/chairperson looking for overall guidance or a seasoned practitioner seeking to grow in a particular area.

Train. We will train your outreach team. Our staff have field-tested missions education training in a wide variety of churches all across North America.

Resource. We will either provide you with resources or point you in the direction of people or materials to help you accomplish all that God has laid on your heart.