DualReach believes that to strategically and effectively impact the world, we must be aware of various church, societal and global influences. Our participatory workshops will help your team understand these influences and know how to respond.

DualReach assists groups in leadership development, ministry analysis, strategic planning and problem solving. Our training is based upon your needs.

For Churches:

Our workshops deal with real-life issues. In addition to answering your specific questions, we can also show you how to:

  • Accurately assess your current local and global outreach ministry
  • Equip your missions team to skillfully plan a biblical, vibrant outreach movement that your congregation will embrace
  • Identify global trends and opportunities open to your congregation
  • Successfully determine a focus of ministry for your church where you can have significant impact
  • Increase your church’s involvement in both local and global outreach
  • Implement missions education ideas that work
  • Partner with others
  • Obtain the greatest return for your financial investment

For Ministry Organizations:

Our workshops will give your personnel the latest resources and training they need. You will learn how to:

  • Develop a successful strategy to mobilize churches 
  • Work effectively with a pastor or missions pastor
  • Establish solid partnerships with churches
  • Raise support
  • Respond to questions churches ask

 The training timeframe depends upon what you want to accomplish. It can be as short as a few hours or as long as 12 months.


Possible options to stimulate your thinking include:

  • Three-hour workshop on Missions 101.
  • Three-hour discussion on the biblical basis of evangelism including the question, “What about those who have never heard the gospel?”
  • Four-hour session: Crash Course for your Outreach Team.
  • Six-hour Design Your Impact Workshop which enables you to understand your church’s DNA and how to choose a ministry focus that your congregation will embrace.

Contact DualReach to discuss the type of training that will benefit you.