Bruce invested two days with me as he helped me understand an approach to church consulting. He connected me with the right people, asked great questions, and suggested options that I would not have otherwise considered. Because of his counsel and assistance I have been able to develop an excellent tool to assist churches.

Greg Carter, Missions Pastor


Working with Bruce Camp of DualReach reminds me of Aquila and Priscilla’s hearing Apollos minister the word. They took him aside and showed him “a more excellent way”. Bruce has indeed shown me a more excellent way of conducting missions, both in our church’s short term trip endeavors as well as with overall operations and management.

Tony Dunn, Pastor


Bruce’s teaching style is loving with lots of joy and laughter!

Dr. Saleem Massey, Pakistan


We were so grateful to have Bruce Camp as our Missionary Department consultant for the past eighteen months. He was especially helpful in the area of missionary care. With almost sixty missionary units out on the field it is difficult to provide them all the care and attention they deserve. Bruce frequently communicated with our missionaries around the world and was an excellent encourager. He provided not only encouragement but practical advice to help them minister effectively, raise funds and communicate with supporters.

His input at staff meetings and board meetings was invaluable. He not only did he complete the tasks assigned to him dependably but also kept the rest of us on track with his meticulous notes and constant requests for updates. Through it all we grew to love his fun loving personality and keen sense of humor.

Bruce was a big asset in helping to determine budget priorities. His contacts and research were a key factor in assessing ministries with whom we might partner. Bruce also assisted in formalizing our policy and writing out department guidelines for missionary care. He was a key advisor in setting direction for our department. Bruce provided much advice, counsel and practical help in maintaining our ongoing programs such as missionary socials, missions information dissemination to our congregation and our short term teams.

Dick Werschke, Missions Chair