Design Your Impact Workshop

The Design Your Impact Workshop is a five-hour, fast-paced, interactive program that helps a local church discover its unique DNA and determine a strategic focus that will maximize its resources for global/local impact. The workshop employs a variety of media and an interactive learning style to help church leaders customize a strategic missions focus based on who they are as a local body of believers.

The process is organized into five modules:

  1. Recognize God's Global Design. We look at how God has planned to use the church to reach all peoples and at changing global circumstances that are opening new opportunities. 
  2. Discover Your Design. We identify key elements God has designed into your congregation--for a purpose! 
  3. Study Other Designs. We learn from other churches that have mobilized for outreach according to their design. 
  4. Design Your Impact. We begin to identify how God may want to use your church's unique design characteristics for maximum global impact. 
  5. Run by Design. We share some ideas about how to design a mobilization plan for your congregation. 


Hold a Design Your Impact Workshop in your church for your church leaders and missions team. The workshop will give:

  • Exciting illustrations of how congregations like yours are making a strategic global impact. 
  • Practical help in defining the key components God has designed into your church that you can maximize for effective outreach. 
  • Guidance in investigating what God might want your church to accomplish in obedience to the Great Commission. 
  • Assistance in laying out a customized action plan

A total of six hours is needed to facilitate your team through the materials. Many churches prefer a 9:00 to 3:00 timeframe on a Saturday.

Contact to discuss scheduling a Design Your Impact Workshop at your church.


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